How To Do Keywords Research In SEO That Actually Brings Traffic

Are you underestimating the importance of Keywords Research In SEO? If yes, then really you are making huge mistakes and missing valuable search engine traffic.

Today’s SEO world talks about unique content and social signals that somehow lets us forget the basic foundation of SEO called Keyword Research.

Keyword Research- How To Do Keyword Research Effectively

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Without having any second thought I would like to say- Keyword Research is one of the most important and high return activities in the search marketing field. Do you know ranking for right keywords can make or break your website or blog? Yes, you heard it right Keyword Research plays an important role in SEO.

 Keywords are not only for getting tons of traffic in the form of visitors but it’s all about getting the right kind of visitors, right for that particular keywords.

Keyword Research gives an insight to the marketers like how high is the demand right for any certain keywords along with the difficulty percentage in order to understand how hard it would be to compete for certain keywords in the search engines.

In this post, we have featured a “How To Do Keyword Research Effectively”. Make sure you understand all our steps and execute all of them effectively that will help you in getting top of the search results. Let’s get started here.


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How To Do Keywords Research In SEO That Turns Traffic In 2019

Before going forward, let’s understand more about Keywords and Keywords Research…

What Is Keyword?

Keywords are the words and phrases that we enter in the various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

When we enter any particular term or phrase on search engines, then that phrase is basically known as “Keyword” in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Keywords are also known as “search term” used by you and me.

Like if we take an example here, we wanna search for  “How To Make Money Online” so this is the keywords that we wanna know about. Let’s search it on Google and see what we get, yes we have got millions of results for that particular keyword.

How To Do Keyword Research In SEO- A Simple Google SearchHow To Do Keyword Research In SEO- A Simple Google Search

Hope you are now familiar with keywords. Let’s move to another important aspect.

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is simply a practice of identifying popular words and phrases that people enter right into the search engines- actually, they are making an attempt to figure out what to rank for in the search engines and get traffic.

Simply it all begins right with the words typed into a search box….

“Keyword Research is basically a practice of SEO professionals that involves discovering the popular words and phrases that people enter into search engines”

In simple words when people use keywords in order to find the actual search terms that people generally enter into search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

If somehow you master the art of finding legit keywords right for your business can help you in getting more search engine traffic along with potential customer that can help you in getting more sales and conversions. Let’s find out how you can do Keyword Research In SEO.

Steps To Do Keyword Research In An Effective Way That Actually Works In [2019]

This one is the most hectic process as here you need to invest some time in finding the right keyword for your business.

Step 1: Make A List Of Important & Relevant Topics (Seed Keywords)

So, in the starting, you need to find a topic, idea or we can say “a seed keyword”. Like if you do have a blog and you wanna create a blog post that is based on “Keyword Research” then this one is your seed keyword. And using this keyword you can easily generate more keyword ideas using these seed keywords.  

This one is the end of the seed keyword ideas and if you’re a permanent blogger of Digital Marketer then you should be looking for keyword ideas like the “Blogging” “SEO” “Digital Marketing” and many more in a row. Let’s move on to another step.

Step 2: Finding The Right Keyword For Your Business (Bucket Filling)

Now you have got few ideas and it’s the time to focus on a few keywords that are suitable for your marketing. And these are the keywords and the phrases that you actually think are actually important and can get higher ranking on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

We have a short head keyword idea- “Keyword Research”. Let’s search it Google and find out more keyword ideas. 

Related to this keyword “Keyword Research” you will get some keywords ideas like:

  • Keywords Research Tips
  • Keywords Research And Analysis
  • How To Do Keyword Research
  • SEO Keywords Research Tool
  • Free Keyword Research Tool

You should be using more specific keywords that actually explain your post or content well. Don’t go for other keywords that don’t define what your post is all about. It is really very important to have more specific and relevant keywords if you want to have the potential customer and traffic.  

Now you need to find more free tools that can help you in generating more keyword ideas for your post. You might be thinking that how you can get the right Keyword Research Tool that can help you get the right keywords without putting that much effort.

Step 3: Research Related Search Terms

This one is really one of the creative steps that you should take care when you’re doing keyword research. The best way to find the related search terms is to use the most popular search engine on the planet “Google”.

Just go the google search query box and simply type the keyword you are actually looking for. Like here we are looking for “Keyword Research” let’s put it over there and find the related search term easily.

How To Do Keywords Research - Enter Your Seed Keyword Here

After putting this keyword right in the search query box, you will be getting more related search term like here we are looking for the “Keyword Research”. By doing this you will be getting more suggestion from Google like we can see that here.

How To Do Keywords Research - SERP's Related Keyword ResultsHow To Do Keywords Research - SERP's Related Keyword Results

You can note down this keyword and move to the bottom of the page and here you will get related search term results.  At the bottom of the page, you will get some of the suggestion for the searches related right to your original input. And trust me these keywords can give you the best ideas and queries that can search by the users.

And if you’re looking for some of the bonus tips then, i would like to tell you that you should include all the related search results right on your post when you are doing the On-Page SEO. You should stuff these related search term in the Heading Tags like H2 and H3 as it can help you get more traffic by the related search results and also it seems good from SEO point of view.

Let’s move on to another step of this keyword research process.     

Step 4: Go For The Long Tail Keywords or Mix Of The Head Terms

Here if you are somehow not familiar with the Long Tail Keywords and Head Term then i will let you understand.

If we talk about Head Term then we can say that “head terms are the keywords and the phrases that are generally shorter and specific. Short Keywords are really very competitive as we can hardly get on the top of the search results for that particular term.

So it would be better not to use these short keywords. Rather than that we can apply simple trick and use the mix of the Head Terms in order to get less competitive keyword that can do the work for us and helps in bringing the right amount of traffic.

How To Do Keyword Research - The Beginners Guide to SEO Moz

Image Credit: MOZ- Keyword Research Guide

It’s really very important that you should have a mix of head terms as well as the long tail terms as give a better keyword strategy that is well capable of winning in long-term goals as well as the short term goals too. We are using a mix of the head terms because they are being searched very frequently. And the daunting part about short-term keyword is that they are more competitive and it’s really very hard getting ranked for them.

Let’s take an example here, suppose you don’t have tools and data to measure the keyword difficulty, search volume which one of the following you will be going to choose? Let’s check out how you can find out which is the best and less competitive.

  1. How To Do Keyword Research In SEO
  2. Keyword Research

Without having any second thought you will be going with the second one- “Keyword Research”. Don’t worry, you will be not getting that much of traffic from the second one “How To Do Keyword Research In SEO ” but that traffic will be more affordable and less competitive in comparison to the first one. Here I’m generating all the results from Ahrefs paid account. Let’s find out all the data out there and check out the search volume, return rate, clicks and many more things in a row. 

How To Do Keyword Research- Ahrefs Data Results

Let me tell you why Long Tail Keywords are more successful and less competitive than short-term keywords. Here if we take an example of the Second one- “How To Do Keyword Research In SEO” is more specific and they tend to have more generic and potential searches.

How To Do Keyword Research- Ahrefs Data Results

On the other hand, if we talk about the first short head keyword “Keyword Research” then it might happen that someone is searching for the whole industry and he/she doesn’t have some particular and specific reasons for that particular search.

Now we have bifurcated right between the short head as well as the Long Tail Keywords, it’s up to you to make the choice and have more Long Tail Keywords In Your list.

Make sure you are having a good and healthy mix of head terms along with the long tail keywords. And also if you’re looking for some quick wins then Long Tail Keywords can do the work for you. By using Long Tail Keywords you are actually cutting the competition and getting the potential traffic without putting that much effort.

Step 6: Narrow Down Your Keywords List (Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner)

At this point, you might be thinking why this additional step is needed. Just wait, any random long tail keyword idea might not be the best thing if seen marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Understanding the search metrics of any keywords is very important.

How To Do Keyword Research- Google Keyword Planner

Really, we need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Same here in case of keyword research we need to narrow down the list of keywords that we actually have. In order to so, we need a reliable tool that can help us in getting this task done. So, here comes the Google AdWords Keyword Planner- All-In-One Keyword Research Tool.

Before using any keywords we need to analyze the following terms that I have listed below:

  • Search Volume
  • Number Of Clicks
  • Traffic Potential
  • Keywords Difficulty
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)

So these are the few of things that are being considered by SEO Geeks and we also personally look after these few things while hunting down the perfect keywords for our blog.

Let’s come to the shorting of the keywords that we actually have on our list simply by using Google Keywords Planner Tool.

In the previous step, we have discussed to find the mix of short heads keywords in order to find the Long Tail Keywords.

So until now, we have got the right mix of keywords and now it’s time to narrow down your list with some data statistics using Google Keyword Planner. There are tons of tools available that can help us in finding the best keywords that can bring organic traffic as well sales for our products too.

But, here we are discussing the Google Keyword Planner Tool, we have used i before and that really help us in numerous ways to finding the best keywords.

Keyword Planner was AKA Keyword Tool previously where you can easily get the search volume along with the traffic that you are going to get with your keywords and that’s it.

But, Google has changed its name to- Google Keyword Planner along with adding a lot more interesting and metrics that are used to measure the reliability of any keywords.

Before getting started with Google Keyword Planner you need to create an AdWords account. Don’t be panic here you don’t have to create an ad to get started with Google Keyword Planner.

Just use the keyword planner with one of your keywords that you have and enter it on to the search bar and bravo! You will find the search volume, keyword difficult along with many more things in a row. Simply choose the healthy mix of short head keywords in order to get the best long tail keywords.

You need to be selective here and get going with the less competitive and long tail keywords that can help you in long as well as short run too.

Nowadays Google Keyword Planner is restricting the amount of data right for a particular keyword. So, we need to find another solution for this tool as well.

That’s not the end of the Keyword Research here there were too many other tools that we think are actually convenient and help you too. There are tools like SEMRush, Moz and Ahrefs that are the like the beast in the market which offers paid services. But wait there is also another way through which you can find Keywords For free.

Let’s get started with- ALTERNATIVE METHOD (FREE KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL) that is quite useful in finding the best and reliable Keywords without putting that much effort. 

Free Keyword Research Tool  To Get Legitimate Keywords In [Year]

1. Ubersuggest

If you are in the blogging world then you are familiar with- Neil Patel (A Revolutionary Digital Marketer & SEO Geek). Ubersuggest is the Keyword Research Tool form, Neil Patel. Let’s come and know more about this amazing keyword research tool.

How To Do Keyword Research- Ubersuggest Free Keyword Tool

Ubersuggest is a Keyword Research Tool that helps in find more keywords ideas that are legitimate. Just type in keywords and start generating more suggestions with Ubersuggest. Nowadays the biggest challenge is to find the semantically related terms and long tail keywords. But, wait Ubersuggest is here to help you.

Getting started with Ubersuggest is very easy and all you need to do is go to the Ubersuggest Official Page and simply enter the keyword you are actually having click on LOOK UP. Just wait for few seconds you reports will be generated for free with Ubersuggest. Now in your screen, you will be getting various details.

Let’s take an example here, let’s enter a keyword here “ How To Do Keyword Research In SEO”. The following results will be generated:

How To Do Keyword Research- Ubersuggest Keyword Analysis


Now you can see the various aspects of that particular keyword and have a keyword of your choice. You can see some insights about your keywords along with that you will be also getting some other keyword suggestions from Ubersuggest.

2. KeywordTool

No way, this one is another best free options available out there in the market. Keyword Tool is one of the best (FREE) alternatives to Google AdWords Keyword Planner right for PPC and SEO Keyword Research.

How To Do Keyword Research- Keyword Tool

Right with the free version of the Keyword Tool generates more than 750 long tail keywords for any search term. Without having any second thought Keyword Tool is highly accurate and reliable.

Just find some great keywords using Google Autocomplete. The best part about Keyword Tool is that it’s free and here you don’t have to create an account for it. With KeywordTool you can easily discover hundreds and thousands of long tail keywords that are generally related to any topic by generating Google’s search suggestions. Overall this one of the best free alternative of Keyword Research Tools that work great.

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Conclusion: How To Do Keyword Research In SEO Effectively In [2019]

We hope, now you’re quite familiar with Keyword Research and also know the importance of Keyword Research. Using short head keywords can be highly competitive and you might not get ranked for those short keywords. Try to use Long Tail Keywords in order to get the relevant audience with less competition.

In this post, we have mentioned some of the free Keywords Research Tools that you can use to get the semantically related terms and long tail keywords with ease.

And also there are too many other ways through which you can find keywords and get on the top of the SERPs. In our upcoming post, we would like to list a few more ways to do the Keyword Research In SEO.

Feel free to drop any suggestion right in the comment section and also tell us which tool you use for- Keyword Research.

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